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Comilla District Information

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Comilla District, Bangladesh

Comilla district is located in the south eastern part of Bangladesh. The naming of Comilla is debatable by historians. But among the current opinions fairly acceptable opinion found in the travel Writing of Chainik traveler “Wang Choang” when he traveled the Samtat state. In his description we found a name “Kiamolonkia” that turned into Comilla. A large portion of historians accept the opinion. The Comilla region was once under the ancient Samatat state and next included in Tripura State. This district came under the rule of the kings of the Harikela in the ninth century. Lalmai and Mainamati were once ruled by Deva dynasty (18Th century) and Chandra dynasty (during 10Th and up to mid of eleventh century). It came under the rule of East India Company in 1765. This district was established as Tripura district in 1790. Peasants Movement (1764), Anti Partition Movement (1905), Mass Movement (1969) etc are the notable chapters of the region.  In the Pakistan Period, the region was renamed Comilla in 1960. Chandpur and Brahmanbaria subdivisions were then included in Comilla District. The Geo position of the district is between 23˚01’ to 24˚11’ North latitudes and between 90˚34’ to 91˚22’ east longitude.

Bordered By: Comilla District is bordered by Narayanganj and Brahmanbaria district to the north, Noakhali and Feni district to the south, Tripura (Indian State) to the east, Chandpur and a part of Munshiganj district to the west.

Administration: The area of Comilla is 3146.30 Sq Km. It is under Chittagong Division. There are 10 Municipalities in Comilla named Baruna, Chauddagram, Homna, Comilla, Comilla Dakkhin, Nangalkot, Chandina, Daudkandi, Debidawar and Laksham. The number of Upazilla (sub district) in Comilla district is 16, named- Comilla Sadar, Homna, Laksham, Muradnagor, Debidar, Barura, Daudkandi, Burichong, Chandina, Chaddagram, Nagolcot, Bhrammonpara, Meghna, Titas, Monohorgonj and Sadar Dokkhin containing 185 Unions, 2455 Mauzas and 3532 Villages. 

Population: The total population of Comilla district is 53,87,288 (Male- 25,75,018 and Female- 28,12,270). Sex ratio is 92:100, population density 1712/Sq Km and annual growth rate is 1.58%.

Literacy: The Literacy Rate of Comilla district is 53.30% (Male- 54.10% and Female- 52.60%), school attendance rate is 54.90% for 5 to 24 years age group.

Other Important Data: The postal code of Comilla district is 3500 and NWD Code is 081. Total Parliament seat in Comilla is 11. During the liberation war, Comilla was under Sector Number 02. Urbanization rate of the district is 15.60%.

Rivers: Meghna, Gomati, Titas, Dakatia, Kakri etc.

Agro Products: Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Chilly, Onion, Garlic, Peanuts, Sugarcane, Yam, vegetables, Oilseed etc.

Remarkable Personalities from Comilla District

Prof. Mozaffor Ahmad, Dhrindra Nath Datta (Politician), A. T. M. Samsul Hoque (Politician), Khondaker Mostaq Ahmad (Ex-president), Azit Kumar guha (Writer), Anis Chowdhury (Writer), Nawab Fayjunnessa Chowdhury, Buddhyadeb Basu (Novelist), Sachin Deb Barman (Singer, composer & music director), Sursagor Himanshu Dutta,  Abul Khyer Muslehuddin (Writer), Monayem Sarker (Politician), Mobasher Ali (Literate Personality), Abdul Kadir (Poet), Moteher Hossain Chowdhury (Writer), Gias Kamal Chowdhury (Journalist), Basonta Kumar Majumder, Yousouf Abdullah Harun (Politician and Business Personality), Dr. Zobaida Hannan, Mahasthabir Shilvadra (great Buddhist monk & pandit), M.K. Anwar (Ex-minister), Shib Narayan Das (Freedom Fighter),  Air Vice-Marshall Mohammad Jamaluddin (ex-Chief of Staff of Bangladesh Air Force),Barrister Shafiq Ahmed (Politician), Advocate Abdul Motin Khosru, Kailashchandra singha (Historian), Mohamed Ali Azam (Educationist) etc.

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Famous Tourist Attractions in Comilla District

Kort-Bari, BARD, Moynamoti, Lalmay Hill, Shalbon Amorous Diversion, Second World War cemetery, Meghna-Gomoti Bridge, Bakhrabad Gas Field, Dhormosagor, Jagannath Bari Temple and Lake, Lateshor Lake, Core of Buddhist Civilization, Pashchimgaon Nawab Bari, Victoria College, Comilla Zilla School, Kutila Mura, Charandra Mura, Rupban Mura, Itakhola Mura, Satera Ratna Mura, Ranir Banglar Pahar, Ananda Bazar Palaces, palaces of Bhoj King, Shah Suja Mosque, Chandimata Mandir, Chandala Shiva Mandir, Mazars of Panch Pir (Five Saints), Harimangal Math, Ramnagar elongated Math, Saitshala Rammahan Mandir, Hasnabad Math, Town Hall Memorial etc.

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