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Tangail District Information

atlas of tangail district

Tangail District, Bangladesh 

Tangail district is located in the central part of Bangladesh. There are various opinions about the naming of Tangail region. Renell showed the entire region as Atiya in his atlas published in 1778. Before 1866, there was no distinct local identity of the region. The name Tangail got familiarity when the sub- division headquarters transferred from Atiya to Tangail in 15 November 1870. The origin of the name Tangail is debatable by historians. Someone think that in the beginning of British era, Mr Tengue established a mill of Indigo between the Akurtakur and Shahbalia Mauzas and made narrow road (Aile) throughout the cultivable land. Civilian called it the Aile of Tengue Shaheb. The word Tangail came form it. Historian Khurram Hossain thinks that Saysta Khan rehabilitated Mughal civilians in the region to protect Freebooters. Their religious personalities of Mughal culture were called Tengaile in their own language. The word Tangail came from the Tengaile. 

The region was once under Kamrup ruled named “Vatir Mulluk’’. From 10Th to the beginning of 11Th century 120 years long the region was under Paul ruled. Historians think that Sultan Samsuddin Elias Shah (1301- 1322) firstly established Muslim ruled in this region. Kagmari Conference (1957), Sannyasi revolt (1850), Peasant revolt (1858) etc are the remarkable chapters of the region. In the British East India company period, Atiya was upgraded into a police station and in included in Mymensingh collectoriate. Almost all Mauza of current Tangail district was the Atiya police station. In 1869, the British government established Tan-Aile police station in Pardighulia under Atiya Mauza. This was then converted into Tangail. In Pakistan period in 08 March 1964, the then government decided to set up separate Tangail District and acquired 341 acres of land in 1968 and started building district headquarter. 01 December 1969, formerly Governor Mr S M Ahsan inaugurated Tangail District. Mr A N Kalimullah was the first DC of Tangail District. The Geo position of Tangail district is between 23˚59’50’’ to 24˚48’51’’ North latitudes and between 89˚48’50’’ to 90˚51’25’’ east longitude. During the liberation war Abdul Kader Siddique of Tangail independently leaded many successful military operations. His group was named Kaderia Bahiny named after its leader.

Bordered By: Tangail District is bordered by Jamalpur district to the north, Dhaka and Manikganj district to the south, Gazipur district to the east, Sirajganj district to the west.

Administration: The area of Tangail is 3414.35 Sq Km. It is under Dhaka Division. There are 09 Municipalities in Tangail named Tangail, Modhupur, Mirzapur, Gopalpur, Vuapur, Ghatail, Kalihati, Sakhipur, Bashail and Dhanbari. The number of Upazilla (sub district) in Tangail district is 12, named- Tangail Sadar, Modhupur, Mirzapur, Gopalpur, Vuapur, Nagorpur, Shakhipur, Kalihati, Ghatail, Bashail, Delduar and Dhanbari containing 67 Unions, 564 Mauzas and 919 Villages. 

Population: The population of Tangail district is 36,05,083 (Male- 17,51,370 and Female- 18,47,713). Sex ratio is 95:100, Population Density 1056/Sq Km and annual growth rate is 0.90%.

Literacy: The Literacy Rate of Tangail district is 46.80% (Male- 50.00% and Female- 43.80%), School attendance rate is 54.90% for 5 to 24 years age group.

Other Important Data: The postal code of Tangail district is 1900 and NWD Code is 0921. Total Parliament seat in Tangail is 08. During the liberation war, Tangail was under Sector Number 03 & 11. Urbanization rate of the district is 15.08%.

Rivers: Jamuna, Dhaleshari (Gajghata), Bongshi, Louhajong, Jugni, Jhenai, Khiru, Nanglai, Atrai etc.

Agro Products: Paddy, Jute, Sugarcane, Wheat, Pulse, Oil seeds, Vegetable,  Pone-Apple, Mango, Jack fruit, Banana, Litchi etc.

Remarkable Personalities from Tangail District

Ali Sahan Shah Baba Adam Kasmiri, Moulavi Mohammad Maimuddin, Hemchandra, Wajed Ali Khan Panni, Sir Abdul Karim Gaznabi, Rajanikanta Guha, Mawlana Abdul Hamid Khan (Politician), Justice Abu Sayed Chowdhuri (Former President), Dr Alim Al Razi, Principle Ibrahim Kha (Literate Personality), M. N. Huda, Ranada Proshad Saha, Begum Fajilatun Nessa, PC Sarker (Magician), Dr Ashraf Shiddiki (Researcher), Mamunur Rashid (Play Personality), Rafique Azad (Writer), Samsul Hoque (Politician), Kader Shiddiki (Freedom Fighter and Politician), Tarapod Roy (Writer), Anupom Ghotok (Composer and Music Director) Lokman Hossain Fakir (Music Director) etc.

historical mosque of tangail

Tourist Places in Tangail District

Madhupur National Park, Karatia Landlord Home, Mirzapur Cadet College, Dokhla Rest House, Jamuna Resort, Alenga Resort, Kumudiny Hospital, Vharatoshari Homes, Jamuna Multi Purpose Bridge, Ghatail Sagordighi and Gupta Brindabon, Mawlana Bhashani Graveyard, Atia Jame Mosque, Atia Royal Palace, Dhonbari Royal Palace, Bangbandhu Multipurpose Bridge, Hindu Paul Temple, Sagor Lake, Ishamoti Lake, Police Training Center, Modhupur Temple, Upandra Sarobar, Nagpur Chowdhury Bari etc.


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