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Manikganj District Information

atlas of manikganj

Manikganj District, Bangladesh

Manikganj district is located in the central Bangladesh. During the East India Company period, Manikganj subdivision was established in May 1845 under the district of Faridpur (created in 1811). In 1856, Manikganj was included with Dhaka to reduce administrative complexity. 01 March 1984 in Manikganj district is formed under Dhaka Division. The area of current Manikganj District is 1,383.66 Sq Km. It’s Geo position is 23˚52’ to 45˚0’ North latitudes and 90˚4’ to 15˚0’ east longitude. Manikganj is in the middle lower level area of the country and made by clay of the revers especially Padma, Ganges, Braksmaputra, Dhalesbari, Eshamoti, Teesta etc. over hundreds of years.

Bordered By: Manikganj District is bordered by Tangail district to north. West, West-South and Southern borders respectively Jamuna and Padma Rivers disconnected the district from Pabna and Faridpur. Dhaka is to the Eastern, north-eastern and south-eastern of Manikganj district.

Administration: It has two Municipalities named- Manikganj & Singair. There are 07 Upazilla (Sub- Division) named Manikgonj Sadar, Shibaloy, Saturia, Gheor, Shingair, Hariram & Daulatpur and same police station and 65 unions covered 1668 villages and 1357 mouzas.

Population: As per last census final report, the total population of Manikganj 1,379,000 (Male- 6,76,359 and Female- 7,16,508), Sex Ratio 94:100 and Population Density 996.37/Sq Km, Literacy rate 49.20% (Male- 52.60% and Female 46.00%) and school attendance rate 55.80% for 5 to 24 years age group. There are 718 schools 19 colleges and no university in the region.

Important Data: The postal code of Manikganj is 1800 and NWD code 0651. There is four parliament Seats in Manikganj. During the Liberation war, Manikganj was under sector 02. 

Rivers: Padma, Jamuna, Ishamoti, Dhaleshari, Kaligonga etc. 

Agro Products: Paddy, Jute, Sugarcane, Sesame, Pulse, Potato, Chili, Garlic, Yam, Peanuts, Onion, Vegetables, Oil seeds etc.

Remarkable Personalities from Manikganj District

Amartya Sen (Noble Laureate Economist), Hiralal Sen (Film Maker), Shahid Rafique (Language Fighter), Khan Ataur Rahaman (Film Director & Actor), Khan Muhammad Moin Uddin ( Writer), Dr Dines Chandra Sen( Writer & Researcher), Justice Ahsan Uddin Chowdhury, Momtaz Begum (Folk Singer), Momtaz (Current Famous Folk Singer) etc.

tourist attractions in manikganj

Famous Tourist Places in Manikganj District

Anandomoye Kali Bari, Naboratna Moth, Baliati Royal Palace, Teota Royal Palace,  in Shibalong, Shapnapuri in Jatrapur, Ekcahla Fort, Shahid Rafiq Museum, Motter Moth, Tomb of Shah Rustam, Fordnagor Fort, Dhakijora Fort, Dhankora Royal House, Katasgarh Fort, Ibrahim Shah Tomb  etc.

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