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Magura District Information

atlas of magura district, bangladesh

Magura District, Bangladesh

Once the region was Buddhist majority area during the period of Bijoy Sen. Historians think that the first human locality of the region was habitat in the estuary of Kumar River. The naming of Magura is debatable by historians. According to historian Abul Kalam Samsuddin, the word Magura came from “Mora Gang” (Dead River). Someone think that Magura was named after Mogh pirates Dharma Das who lived on the bank of Modhumoti River. But still now a myth is said that the word Magura came from “Magur Mach” (a cat fish). During the East India Company period, the region was under Jessore district established in 1781. Before the formation of subdivision, Magura was not so famous. But Magura was highlighted in Renal Map. Once, Magura was one of the most crime zones due to the joint place of various revers. The public lives were en-damaged due to the attacked of Magh pirates. To protect the civilians from the robbery attacks and to control crime, it was decided to set up Magura as a separate subdivision under Jessoe district. At this time, there was even no police station. Firstly a police outpost and then a police station were set up before forming Magura subdivision in 1845. During the War of Liberation, the civilians of Magura encountered the Pakistani army in about 16 fronts. In these encounters many freedom fighters were killed in direct battle. The heroic role of “Lutfunnahar Helena” and her tragic death in the hands of the Razakars (helper of enemy army) are proudly remembered by the people of the region. After the liberation of Bangladesh, Magura subdivision was upgraded into a district in 01 March 1984. The total area of Magura district is 1039.10 Sq Km.

Bordered By: Magura District is bordered by Rajbari district to the north, Jessore and Narail district to the south, Faridpur district to the east, Jhenaidah district to the west.

Administration: Magura district is under Khulna Division. There is a Municipality in Magura. The number of Upazilla (sub district) in Magura district is 04, named- Magura, Shalikha, Mohammadpur and Sripur containing 36 Unions, 510 Mauzas and 711 Villages. 

Population: The total population of Magura district is 918,419 (Male- 454,739 and Female- 463,680), Sex ratio 98:100, Population Density 884/Sq Km and annual growth rate is 1.07%.

Literacy: The Literacy Rate of Magura district is 50.60% (Male- 52.90% and Female- 48.50%), School attendance rate is 60.10% for 5 to 24 years age group.

Other Important Data: The postal code of Magura district is 7600 and NWD Code is 0488. Total Parliament seat in Magura is 02. During the liberation war, Magura was under Sector Number 08. Urbanization rate of the district is 13.11%.

Rivers: Noboganga, Kumar, Gorai, Modhumoti, Chitra, Eshamoti, Magura, Begboti etc. 

Agro Products: Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Mastered, Onion, Garlic, Cotton, Turmeric, Betel, Betel Nut, Coconut etc.

Fictional Character: Farzana Akter Lipy

Remarkable Personalities from Magura District

Farrukh Ahmed(Poet), Sayad Ali Ahsan(Writer), Golam Yakub (Bir Protik), Dr Lutfor Rahaman (Easiest), Mozammel Hoque (Poet), Abdur Rahaman Fakir, Md Shiddiqur Rahaman (Freedom Fighter), Principal Mokhleshur Rahaman, Azizul Hoque (Writer), Late Mohammad Sohrab Hossain (Ex Member of National Assembly of Pakistan), Late Poet Kazi Kader Newaz, Shakib Al Hasan (Cricketer), Late Poet Farrukh Ahmad, Great Muktibahini Leader Akbar Hossain Miah (Head of Akbar Bahini), Shahid Sirajuddin Hossain (Intellectual), Birprotik Golam Yakub Molla, Abu Saleh, Dr. Shirajul Akbar, Maj.Gen (Rtd) Majidul Haque, Dr. S. M. Asraful Momin, Advocate Sree Biren Sikder (Politician)  etc.

enterance ghate of magura district bangladesh

Famous Tourist Places in Magura District

Gorai Bridge, Royal Palace of King Sitaram, Mosque of Mohgol Era, House of Poet Quader Newaz, House of Poet Jatindra Mohon Bagchi, House of Landlord Mohes Chandra, Nil-Kuthi, Oyster Industry, Graveyard of Dewan Shah, Paul Chowdhury Royal Palace, Shitaram Lake, Nader Chand Ghat, Pir Mokerram Ali Tomb, Garib Shah Tomb, Remnants of the Rajbari of Raja Sitaram Roy, Rajbari of Raja Satrujit Roy, fortification of Debal Raja, Remnants of the Rajbari of Birat Raja at Sreepur, Mosque at village Gopal (Mughal period), Siddheshwari Math at Athara Khada and Ashram of Nangta Baba  etc.

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