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Kushtia District Information

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Kushtia District, Bangladesh

Kushtia district is located in the western part of Bangladesh. The region has an ancient heritage of archaeological traditional culture and history. During the period of Mughal emperor Shahjahan, a river port was developed in the region. Kushtia was under the territory of Natore Landlord in 1725. Then in British East India Company period, the region was included in Jessore district in 1776. Again the territory of the region was reformed and included with Pabna district in 1828. A rail connection was constructed in this region to connect Calcutta, the capital of British India in 1860. According to Hamilton’s Gazette, current Kushtia town was mentioned as the name of Kustee. Then the town was called Kushtay (Kushtee) by the civilians. Kushtia municipality was established in 1861 to protect indigo registance movement. Kushtia was then a part of Nadia district under Bengal province. During the time of partion in 1947, it became a new district consisting three subdivisions named Kushtia Sadar, Chuadanga and Meherpur subdivisions. All these three subdivisions started their new journey as separate districts in 1984.

Bordered By: Kushtia District is bordered by mighty Padma River to the north, Jhenaidah districts to the south, Rajbari district to the east, Mehaerpur, Chuadanga districts and Nadia & Murshidabad districts of West Bengal (Indian State) to the west.

Administration: The area of Kushtia is 1608.80 Sq Km. It is under Khulna Division. There are 05 Municipalities in Kushtia named Kumarkhali, Mirpur, Veramara, Kushtia, and Khoksha. The number of Upazilla (sub district) in Kushtia district is 06, named- Kushtia Sadar, Kumarkhali, Daulotpur, Mirpur, Veramara and Khoksha containing 66 Unions, 658 Mauzas and 973 Villages. 

Population: The totoal population of Kushtia district is 19,46,838 (Male- 973,518 and Female- 973,320), Sex ratio 100:100, Population Density 1210/Sq Km and annual growth rate is 1.11%.

Literacy: The Literacy Rate of Kushtia district is 46.30% (Male- 47.90% and Female- 44.80%), School attendance rate is 54.90% for 5 to 24 years age group.

Other Important Data: The postal code of Kushtia district is 7000 and NWD Code is 071. Total Parliament seat in Kushtia is 04. During the liberation war, Kushtia was under Sector Number 08. Urbanization rate of the district is 12.10%. the previous name of the region was Nadia.

Rivers: Padma, Kaliganga, Kumar, Vairob, Gorai, Mathavanga, Noboganga, Hisna etc.

Agro Products: Paddy, Jute, Wheat, Tobaco, Oilseeds, Corn, Potato, Pulse, Sugarcane, Spices, Vegetables, etc.

Remarkable Personalities from Kushtia District

Fakir Lalon Shah, Akkhoy Kumar Moytreae (Writer), Abul Kalam Azad (Writer and Literate Personality), Akbor Hossain (Novelist), Azizur Rahaman (Poet), Kangal Harinath (Journalilst and Writer), Jagadish Gupta (Novelist), Jabeda Khanom (Writer), Mir Mosharrof Hossain (Writer), Atower Rahaman, Shah Azizur Rahaman (Former Prime Minister), Abul Ahsan Chowdhury (Writer and Researcher), Nazmul Alam, Rafiqual Islam PSC, Barister Amirul Hoque, Pari Sundari (Leader of Indigo Resistance Movement), Abdul Jabber (Singer), Farida Pervin (Singer), Bagha Jatin (Leader of Sadeshi Movement), Golam Kibria, Alauddin Masud Rumi, Kazi Motaher Hossain (Writer), Azizur Rahaman (Poet), Akbor Hossain (Novelist) etc.


Famous Tourist Attractions in Kushtia District

Rabindra Kuthibari of Shelaidaha, The shrine of Fakir Lalon Shah, Living Place of Mir Mosharrof Hossain, Jhaudia Shahi Mosque, Gorai River, Kushtia City Municipality House, Islamic University etc.