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Panchagarh District Information

atlas of panchagarh district

Panchagarh District, Bangladesh

Panchagarh district is located in the northern tip of Bangladesh. The previous name of the region was “Pancha- Gaura”. During the British East India Company period, Panchagarh was a police station under Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. At the time of the partition of 1947, it was under Dinajpur district. Sannyasi and Fakir Revolt (1763-1800), Tebhaga Movement (1946) etc are the remarkable chapters of the region. It was turned into a subdivision in 1980 and upgraded to a district on 01 February 1984. The area of Panchagarh district is 1404.62 Sq Km.

Bounded By: Panchagarh District is bounded by 288 Km long border of Darjeeling district (India) in the north, Dinajpur and Thakurgaon districts in the south, Nilphamary district in the east, Dinajpur district and West Bengal (Indian State) in the west.

Administration: The district is under Rangpur Division. There are two Municipalities in Panchagarh named Boda and Panchagarh. The number of Upazilla (sub district) in Panchagarh district is 05, named- Panchagor, Boda, Tetulia, Debigonj and Atoary containing 67 Unions, 564 Mauzas and 919 Villages. 

Population: The total population of Panchagarh district is 987,644 (Male- 496,725 and Female- 490,919), sex ratio 101:100, population Density 1439/Sq Km and annual growth rate is 1.65%.

Literacy: The Literacy Rate of Panchagarh district is 51.80% (Male- 55.20% and Female- 48.30%), school attendance rate is 56.10% for 5 to 24 years age group.

Other Important Data: The postal code of Panchagarh district is 5000 and NWD Code is 0568. Total Parliament seat in Panchagarh is 02. During the liberation war, Panchagarh was under Sector Number 06. Urbanization rate of the district is 9.63%.

Rivers: Kartoa, Mohanonda, Atrai, Tangon, Teesta, Nagor, Dahuk, Chawai, Tirnoy, Talma, Kurum, Versa etc.

Agro Products: Paddy, Jute, Potato, Sugarcane, Wheat, Vegetables, Tea, Mango, Jack fruit, Guava, Coconut, Litchi, Banana, Black Berry, Papaya, Guava, Coconut, Betel- Nut etc.

Remarkable Personalities from Panchagarh District

Comrade Mohammad Farhad, Advocate S. Bosirul Alam,  Mohammad Sultan (Language Fighter), Mirza Golam Hafiz (Politician), Abdur Rahaman (Film Hero), Jamir Uddin Sarker (Politician), Gobindra Chakroborti, Nazmul Hoque Prodhan, Safiul Alam Prodhan (Politician), Advocate Shirajul Islam (Freedom Fighter), Tarikul Alam etc.

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Tourist Attractions in Panchagarh District

Panchagor Suger Mill, Rocks Museum, Banglabandha Land Port, Bodeshari Temple, Mirgor, Mirzapur Mosque and Royal Palace, Kartoa Bridge, Core of First Rail-Line of British-India, Railway Colony, Domar Royal Palace, Golkadham Mondir, Moghla Fort, Moydan Lake, Boda Temple, Moharajar Lake, three domed mosque at Mirzapur, Aloakhoa Royal Palace, Dak Banglo (Situated on the bank of river Mahananda facing Darjeeling), Tea Garden, Bhadreswar temple, Shiva-temple, Maharaja Dighi, Vadeswari mosque, Vadeswari temple, Govinda temple, Debiganj Revenue office building, Jagabandhu Thakur-bari, Shurjopuri Aam Gachh (Mango tree), Residence of Raja (King) Tonkonath, Gobindojiu Temple, Harinmari Shibmondir, Baliadangi Shibmondir etc.


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