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Joypurhat District Information

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Joypurhat District, Bangladesh

Joypurhat is small district located in the northern part of Bangladesh. The previous name of the region was “Baghabari Hat” and next it was written “Gopandraganj Hat” in historical documents. During the British East India period, Joypurhat Railway station and post office was established and named Joypurhat to make differ with the name of Joypur located in current India. Then the region got familiarity with the name of Joypurhat with the passing of age. A police station named Joypurhat was established in 1907. Joypurhat was the only subdivision of the formerly Bogra district. After the liberation of Bangladesh, Joypurhat started its journey as a district in 1984. Saotal, Orao, Munda, Mohali, Mohanta, Rajhangshi etc tribes also found in the district and total population of such tribes is about forty seven thousand.

Bordered By: Joypurhat District is bordered by Dinajpur, Gaibandha district and West Bengal (Indian State) to the north, Bogra and Naogaon district to the south, Bogra and Gaibandha districts to the east, Naogaon districts and West Bengal to the west.

Administration: The area of Joypurhat is 1012.41 Sq Km. It is under Rajshahi Division. There are 04 Municipalities in Joypurhat named Akkelpur, Kalai, Joypurhat and Pachbibi. The number of Upazilla (sub district) in Joypurhat district is 05, named- Joypurhat, Khetlal, Akkelpur, Kalai and Pachbiby containing 32 Unions, 661 Mauzas and 887 Villages.

Population: The total population of Joypurhat district is 913,768 (Male- 459,284 and Female- 454,484), sex ratio 101:100, Population Density 903/Sq Km and annual growth rate is 0.75%.

Literacy: The Literacy Rate of Joypurhat district is 57.50% (Male- 61.40% and Female- 53.50%). School attendance rate is 56.60% for 5 to 24 years age group. There ere no university, 42 collage (including 3 govt collage), a women cadet collage, 165 secondary high school (including gov. 4), 350 primary school (including gov- 263), a technical school and collage, 13 technical educational institutions, 111 Madrashas, 01 PTI in Joypurhat.

Other Improtant Data: The postal code of Joypurhat district is 5900 and NWD Code is 0571. Total Parliament seat in Joypurhat is 02. During the liberation war, Joypurhat was under Sector Number 07. Urbanization rate of the district is 15.75%. The remarkable Mineral resources of the district are Coal, Limestone etc and average annual average rainfall is 1610 mm.

Rivers: Choto Jamuna, Tulshi Ganga, Haramoti, Chiri, Sree Nadi etc.

Agro Products: Paddy, Sugarcane, Jute, Turmeric, Banana, Potato, Mango, Jack fruit, Pulses, Yam, Betel Leaf, Tobacco, Oil seeds etc.

Remarkable Personalities from Joypurhat District

Bina Pani Sarker, Comored Abdul Kader Chowdhury, Mihir Mukharjee, Ataur Rahaman (Poet), Fatema Tuz Zohara (Singer), Dr Farid Uddin, Dr Abdul Kader Chowdhury, Shahid Mujibur Rahaman, Principal Mohshin Ali Dewan, Abbas Ali Khan, Abdul Alim etc.

joypurhat, bangladesh

Famous Tourist Places in Joypurhat District

Khasmohol Bhaban, Ber Amla Bershibaloy, Pitarer Banglo, Joypurhat Sugar mills, Cement Factory, Pachbibir Mazar, Nandail Lake, Ashranga Lake, Bastob Puri, Graveyard of Mukshid Gazi, Pagla Dewan Mass Graveyard, Gopinathpur Temple, Shisu Uddyan, Nandail Lake, Ashranga Lake, Joypal Rajar Rajbari, Baro Shibmondir, Shrine of Pathorghata, Abul Quashem Field in Sadar, Central Shahid Minar, Joypurhat Cadette College, English Market etc.


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