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Jhalokati District Information

atlas of jhalokati

Jhalokati District, Bangladesh

Jhalokati is a small district located in the southern coastal part of Bangladesh. It is not sure when the first human habitation introduced in the region but it is to be understood from the name that Kaibarta fishermen first introduced planting in the region in the most ancient period. Kaibarta fishermen were called Jhalo and their residential place was called Jhalopara. Most of the historians think that the name Jhalokati came from the word Jhalopara. Most of the people of then Jhalokati river port were Kaibarta that means fishermen.

The ancient name of the region was “Moharajganj.” Jhalokati was once called the “Second Calcatta” because of its commercial importance. The communication facilities of the region attracted the merchants of East India Company, Dutch, French etc and they established their trade centers in the region. Jhalokati subdivision was established in 1972 and was turned into a district in 1984 after the liberation of Bangladesh. The Geo position of the district is between 22˚25’ to 22˚49’ North latitudes and between 90˚58’ to 90˚18’ east longitude. Jhalokati is the residence of the maternal uncle of great poet Jibonanondo Das.

Bordered By: Jhalokati District is bordered by Barisal district to the north, Barguna district and the Biskhali River to the south, Barisal and Patuakhali district to the east and Pirojpur district to the west.

Administration: The area of Jhalokati is 706.76 Sq Km. It is under Barisal Division. There are two Municipalities in Jhalokati named Jhalokathi and Nalchiti. The number of Upazilla (sub district) in Jhalokati district is 04, named- Jhalokathi Sadar, Nalchiti, Rajapur and Kathalia containing 32 Unions, 395 Mauzas and 455 Villages. 

Population: The total population of Jhalokati district is 682,669 (Male- 329,147 and Female- 353,522), sex ratio 93:100, population density 1439/Sq Km and annual growth rate is (-) 0.17%.

Literacy: The Literacy Rate of Jhalokati district is 66.70% (Male- 67.60% and Female- 65.80%). School attendance rate is 63.30% for 5 to 24 years age group.

Other Improtant Data: The postal code of Jhalokati district is 8400 and NWD Code is 0498. Total Parliament seat in Jhalokati is 02. During the liberation war, Jhalokati was under Sector Number 09. Urbanization rate of the district is 16.41%.

Rivers: Biskhali, Sugondha, Gajalia, Khyara, Dhansiri etc.

Agro Products: Paddy, Jute, Sugarcane, Banana, Pulse, Vegetables etc.

Remarkable Personalities from Jhalokati District

Kamini Roy (Poet), Santos Gupta, Abdul Goni Boyati, Shashanka Paul (Writer), Mawlana Mohammad Azizur Rahaman (Religious Personalities),  Abdul Hashem Boyati etc.
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Famous Tourist Places in Jhalokati District

Suja Badsha Fort, Rajapur Saturia Royal Palace, Kirtipasha Royal Palace, Shidda Kathi Royal Palace, the residence of the maternal uncle of great poet Jibonanondo Das, Residence of Kamini Roy, Gabkhan Bridge, Dhansiri River, Galua Mosque, Nesarabad Complex, Ponabalia Temple,  etc.

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