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All information about Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

There is no enough evidence about the origin of the name of Dhaka. Some of the common opinions are as follows: a) once the area was covered with a lot of Diaper phudosa trees, b) On the day of the inauguration of the mayor of the capital, drum was playing on the order of Islam Kha, c) a commonplace language named “Dhakabhasa” was very common in the region, d) Dacca is mentioned as an observatory center in Rajtarangi. Mr Jowao-d-Barrows mentioned the region as an important place at his atlas. In 1610 Islam Khan transferred the capital from Rajamahal to Dacca and named Jahangirnagar after the then Mughal emperor Jahangir. In the pre- Mughal era Dacca was an important local trade center because of the location of riverside. It was a rich production Center also. The cotton based fabrics named “Moslin” was then very popular around the world. It exported with high volume to the other part of the world. For the Muslin fabrics, European Companies paid a high quantity of Gold and Silver. In 1829 Dacca was adorned as a large divisional Headquarter and around 1885 Dacca was built the largest civilians center after Calcutta. During 1905-1911, the importance of Dacca dramatically increased when it is declared as the Capital of the province of newly formed East Bengal and Assam administration. In 1947, the end of British colonial rule and the establishment of an independent state of Pakistan in the name of the new province of East Pakistan, the region became more stable because of the development. It may be the only province in the new administrative headquarters, where sat the Parliament assemble. In 1971, when Bangladesh achieved her independence, Dhaka is adorned as the capital of newly born ed country named Bangladesh. Dhaka division is established in 1929 during the east India company period and bordered by Meghalaya (Indian State) to the north, Barisal division to the south, Chittagong division to the south- east, Sylhet division to the east, Rangpur division to the north- west, Rajshahi and Khulna division to the west. There are 17 districts in Dhaka division. The total area of the division is 31,177.74 Sq Kilometers. The total population of the division is 4,74,24,418 ( male- 2,41,72,317 and female 2,32,52,101) which is about 29.64% of the total population of Bangladesh. Average sex ratio is 104:100 and annual growth rate of the division is 1.93%. Among the population 1,27,15,797 live in urban area, 28,69,038 live in other urban area and 3,18,39,583 people live in rural area. The average literacy rate of the division is 54.20% (Male 57.00% and female 51.30%). Average school school attendance rate is 50.70% for 5 to 24 years old. The average urbanization rate of the division is 32.86%. The 17 districts of Dhaka division are as follow-

                                     1. Dhaka
                                     2. Narayanganj
                                     3. Munshiganj
                                     4. Manikganj
                                     5. Gazipur
                                     6. Faridpur
                                     7. Madaripur
                                     8. Shariatpur
                                     9. Rajbari
                                    10. Gopalgonj
                                    11. Mymensnigh
                                    12. Kishoreganj
                                    13. Netrokona
                                    14. Jamalpur
                                    15. Sherpur
                                    16. Narsingdi
                                    17. Tangail

Biggest District          : Mymensingh (4,363.48 Sq Km)
Smallest District        : Narayanganj (687.76 Sq Km)
City Corporation         : 05 ( Dhaka North, Dhaka South, Narayanganj,
                                          Gazipur, Mymensingh)
Municipality               : 85
Upazilla (Sub District): 163
Union                        : 1256
Mauza                       : 15,517
Village                      : 25,213
Parliament Seat         : 90


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