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All information about Sylhet Division in Bangladesh

Sylhet Division, Bangladesh

Sylhet is one of the administrative divisions of Bangladesh located in the north- eastern part of the country. Sylhet division is bordered by Meghalaya (Indian State) to the north, Tripura (Indian state) to the south, Assam (Indian state) to the east, Chittagong and Dhaka divisions to the west. Formerly Sri-Hatta is an ancient trading Central point of the region. During the Sultany period, the region was named “Jalalabad”. In the 14Th century Yamany Saint Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) conquered Sylhet and started campaign on Islam. Sylhet district was established on 3 January 1782. Until 1878 AD, the region was under Dhaka division. In the same year in 12 September, Sylhet was included in the newly created Assam Province. Up to 1947 (excepting 1905-1911, the Bangla Vanga Period) it was remain a part of Assam. At the time partion in 1947, it was attached to the East Pakistan and was included in the Chittagong Division as a result of Referendum held on 03 July 1947. There were total 546,815 votes cast on 239 polling stations and a majority of 43.8% voted in favour of East Bengal. The referendum was included in India's independence celebration on 18 July 1947. Nanakara Revolution, Indigo Resistance movement, Anti British Movement (1857) etc are the remarkable chapters of the region. The greater Sylhet was divided into four new districts named Sylhet, Sunamganj, Habiganj and Maulvibazar in 1983-1984. On 1 August 1995, Sylhet was declared as the 6th division of Bangladesh consisting of the four districts of the greater Sylhet. Previously the region was included in Chittagong division. The total area of the division is 12,635.24 Sq Km. Total population of the division is 99,10,219 which is 6.19% of the total population of Bangladesh (male- 49,33,390 and female- 49,76,829). Average sex ratio of the division is 99:100 and annual growth rate is 2.21%. It is the highest growth rate among the division of Bangladesh. The average population density in Sylhet division is 784/Sq Km. Among the population 10,98,232 live in urban area, 364,479 live in other urban area and 84,47,508 people live in rural area. The average literacy rate of the division is 45.00% (Male- 47.00% and female- 43.10%). Average school school attendance rate is 48.00% for 5 to 24 years old. The average urbanization rate of the division is 14.76%. The region has an extraordinary tourism potentials. There is a vast area of green carpet of tea plants on small hillocks. Jaflong falls, Madhabkunda falls, the shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) etc are the other most attractive tourist places in the region. The 04 districts of Sylhet division are as follow-

                                     1. Sylhet
                                     2. Moulvibazar
                                     3. Sunamganj
                                     4. Habiganj

Largest District          : Sunamgonj (3,747.18 Sq Km)
Smallest District        : Habiganj (2,636.59 Sq Km)
City Corporation         : 01
Municipality               : 19
Upazilla                     : 38
Union                        : 333
Village                      : 10250                    
Parliament Seat         : 19

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