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All information about Khulna Division in Bangladesh

Khulna Division, Bangladesh

Khulna division is located in the south- western part of Bangladesh. It is bordered by Rajshahi division to the north, The Bay of Bengal to the south, Dhaka and Barisal division to the east and the West Bengal (Indian state) to the west. The region also includes a number of islands of the Bay of Bengal. The previous name of the region was “Jalalabad”. Khulna was the first subdivision of joint Bengal during the east India Company Period. Khulna is one of the districts that were included with the current name in joint Bengal province. Khulna district is formed in 1882. At the time of Partition in 1947, Khulna was the 3rd largest district and now it is the 4Th largest district of Bangladesh. Independent Bangladesh was established in 16 December 1971, but Khulna was under the control of Pakistani Army. The Pakistani Army surrendered in the Circuit House ground on 17 December and Khulna got her Independence. Khulna municipality was established in 1984 and upgraded into City Corporation in 1990. The world largest mangrove forest Sundarban is located in the greater Khulna region. The second largest sea port of Bangladesh named Mongla sea port located in Khulna division 38 Km away from Khulna metropolitan area. Khulna is strongly connected by highways and a railway links to Northern Bangladesh and the capital city Dhaka along with other parts of the whole country. There is no international airport in Khulna division but now Jessore is a busy local airport of the division. Once, Khulna was the lifeblood of formerly East Pakistan for its jute industries. There are three universities named Khulna University, Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET) and Khulna Medical College in the region. There are 10 districts in Khulna division. The major cities of Khulna division are Khulna, Jessore, Kushtia, Bagerhat, Satkhira etc. The total area of the division is 22,284.22 Sq Kilometers. Total population of the division is 1,56,87,759 (male- 78,42,533 and female- 78,45,226) which is 9.80% of the total population of Bangladesh. Average sex ratio of the division is 100:100 and annual growth rate is 0.64%. The average population density in Khulna division is 704/Sq Km. Among the population 22,92,000 live in urban area, 530,121 live in other urban area and 1,28,65,638 people live in rural area. The average literacy rate of the division is 53.20% (Male- 55.70% and female- 50.70%). Average school school attendance rate is 56.80% for 5 to 24 years old. The average urbanization rate of the division is 17.99%. The 10 districts of Khulna division are as follow-

                                     1. Khulna
                                     2. Bagerhat
                                     3. Satkhira
                                     4. Jessore
                                     5. Magura
                                     6. Jhinaidah
                                     7. Narail
                                     8. Kushtia
                                     9. Meherpur
                                    10. Chuadanga

Largest District          : Khulna (4,394.45 Sq Km)
Smallest District        : Meherpur (751.62 Sq Km)
City Corporation         : 01
Municipality               : 36
Upazilla                     : 64
Union                        : 574
Mauza                       : 6564
Village                      : 9287
Parliament Seat         : 37


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