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All information about Barisal Division in Bangladesh

Barisal Division, Bangladesh

Barisal is one of the seven administrative divisions and located in the south- central part of Bangladesh. The division is bordered by Dhaka division to the north, the Bay of Bengal to the south, Chittagong division to the east and Khulna division to the west. There is a strong network of rivers and canals in the region. The land of the region is very fertile. So it is called the “Sassya Vander” (store of corns) of Bangladesh. The ancient name of the region was “Chandradip” and the capital of the kingdom was Bakla founded by Danuj Madhab or Danuj Mardhan Dev. In the early seventeenth century Mughel rule the Bengal region including formerly “Sarker Bakla” (current Barisal) and established their capital in Dhaka. At this time, Barisal was more accessible to businessmen and most develop than that of previous age. Arakenese and Portuguese pirates’ attack was very common phenomenon at this time in coastal area. After 1666 Mughal fleet root out such kind of robberies and distributed the lands of the region to Talukder to cultivation by the condition of certain annual revenue.  Formerly Bakerganj disrict was established in 1797 during the east India company period. Later on it was renamed as Barisal district. The district was upgraded into a municipality in 1876. Barisal was declared a division on 1 January, 1993. World famous Kuakata sea beach is located in the division in Barguna district. There is no international airport in Barisal division but a running local airport in Barisal city. There are 06 districts in Barisal division. The total area of the division is 13,225.20 Sq Km. Total population of the division is 83,25,666 (male- 40,89,508 and female- 42,36,158) which is 5.20% of the total population of Bangladesh. Average sex ratio of the division is 97:100 and annual growth rate is 0.18%. The average population density in Barisal division is 630/Sq Km. Among the population 948,844 live in urban area, 413,099 live in other urban area and 69,63,723 people live in rural area. The average literacy rate of the division is 56.80% (Male- 57.60% and female- 55.90%). Average school school attendance rate is 57.00% for 5 to 24 years old. The average urbanization rate of the division is 16.36%. The 06 districts of Barisal division are as follow-

                                     1. Barisal
                                     2. Jhalkati
                                     3. Pirozpur
                                     4. Patuakhali
                                     5. Barguna
                                     6. Bhola

Largest District          : Bhola (3,403.48 Sq Km)
Smallest District        : Jhalokati (758.06 Sq Km)
City Corporation         : 01
Municipality               : 24
Upazilla                     : 40
Union                        : 349
Mauza                       : 2920
Village                      : 4,097
Parliament Seat         : 23


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