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All information about Chittagong Division in Bangladesh

Chittagong Division, Bangladesh

The region is located in the south- eastern part of Bangladesh. Chittagong had been a sea port since the ancient time. Traders from different countries including Arab had business transactions with this port since 9th century. Sultan Fakruddin Mubarak Shah of Sonargaon conquered Chittagong in 1340. After the defeat of Sultan Giasuddin Mahmud Shah by Sher- Shah in 1538 AD, the Arakanise again captured Chittagong. The region was under the kingdom of Arakan during sixth and seventh centuries. During 17th century the region faced many attacks of Portuguese pirates. Before the Muslim conquered, Chittagong had been either under the control of the Arakans or under the kings of Burma. The Mughal Commander Bujurg Umed Khan expelled the Portuguese pirates from the region and established Chittagong district in 1666 and named Islamabad. Next the region was named Chattal and Chandgaon. The Chittagong Hill- Tracts were separated from Chittagong in 1860. Before 1995, greater Sylhet division was a part of Chittagong Division. Chittagong division is geographically the largest of the seven administrative division of Bangladesh. It covers the most south- eastern part of Bangladesh consisting 11 districts. The total area of the division is 33,771.18 Sq Kilometers and total population is 2,84,23,019 (Male- 1,39,33,314 and Female- 1,44,89,705) which is 17.76% of the total population of Bangladesh. Average sex ratio of Chittagong division is 96:100 and average annual growth rate is 1.63%. Average population density of the division is 838/Sq Km. Among the population, 57,68,695 people live in urban area,  11,36,785 people live in other urban area and 2,15,17,539 people live in rural area. Average literacy rate is 52.70%. Among them, male literacy rate is 53.90% and female is 51.50%. School attendance rate for both sexes is 52.30% for 5 to 24 years old. Average urbanization rate of the division is 24.30%. Mountains, rivers, valleys, forests, sea etc natural features made the division individual from other divisions. The average temperature of the region is maximum 33.80 C and minimum 14.50 C. Average rainfall is 3194 mm and average moisture is 83%. The 11 districts of Chittagong division are as following-

                                     1. Chittagong
                                     2. Rangamati
                                     3. Cox`s Bazar
                                     4. Bandarban
                                     5. Khagrachori
                                     6. Comilla
                                     7. Chandpur
                                     8. Brahmanbaria
                                     9. Feni
                                    10. Noakhali
                                    11. Lakshmipur

Largest District          : Rangamati (6,116.11 Sq Km)
Smallest District         : Feni (990.36 Sq Km)
City Corporation         : 02 (Chittagong and Comilla)
Municipality               : 59
Upazilla                     : 112
Union                        : 947
Mauza                       : 7561
Village                      : 15,219
Parliament Seat         : 59


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