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Travel and Tourism information and Tourist attractions in Bangladesh

Tourism and Tourist attractions in Bangladesh

Now a day travel and tourism is a popular way to pass the robotic way of life. It revives one to go with full speed again in ones career or formal way of life. Staying with nature gives one the ability of giving up the monotony of Modern complex living. In this sense, for staying with 100% natural environment with illusive landscape for few days Bangladesh can be the better one among the tourist places throughout the globe.

Welcome in Beautiful Bangladesh

If you ever want to feel the living reality of the idiom ‘when it rains, it pours’ Bangladesh is the right place to be. During the yearly south Asian monsoon, almost all the water collected by the Himalayas in Nepal, North and Northeast India as well as Bhutan transits run through Bangladesh on its journey to the Bay of Bengal, depositing clay and minerals to the soil of the Gangas Delta (Bangladesh), the largest river delta in the world.

Bangladesh, the lovely child of nature located in the north-eastern part of South Asia. There is West Bengal Border in the west and in the east lie the hilly and forested regions of Tripura and Mizoram (India) and Myanmar. These Picturesque geographical boundaries frame a low lying plain with a dense network of innumerable rivers and canals. Mighty rivers are the Padma, the Meghna, the Brahmaputra, the Karnafuli etc. 

Bangladesh offers a numbers of tourist attractions including archaeological sites, historical mosque, temple and monuments of red clay, longest natural sea beach of the world (Cox’s Bazar), Picture like landscape, Hilly forests and wildlife, Rolling tea gardens and Tribes. Tourists find the rich flora and fauna and colorful tribal life that must fascinated one. Entire area of the country offers you different topography, flavors and foods and customs. There are Three World Heritage site in Bangladesh. They are the Historical ancient Mosque Shat Gombuj Mosque at Bagerhat, the Core of the Buddhist Mahabihara at Paharpur, Bogra and the last one is the Sundarban, located in the southern part of Bangladesh. Fresh water Dolphins and Crocodiles is available here. It is the largest mangrove forest in the world and the Home of Royal Bengal Tiger (Panthera tigris).

The region’s one of the major significant geographical feature is a massive 120km long strip of Sandy Beach lining tile internal eastern coastline of Bangladesh, said the longest natural sea Beach in the world. Starting at the Cox’s Bazar, the white illusive sands stretches all the way down to the Taknaf Peninsula, Poking up again briefly at the coral reef island of Saint Martin’s. Mostly the beach is undeveloped except at Cox’s Bazar where native mangrove forests have long been replaced by the jungles of Tourist Hotels.

As you start travelling eastward, Bangladeshi geographic portrait takes on a new perspective. While most of the country lies at just above the sea level, the flat landscape gives way to low undulating hills in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Cox’s Bazar and the Hilly regions of Sylhet, some of which climb up to 1,000m above sea level. This landscape is the result of the Indian Tectonic Plate pushing up against the Asian landmass, the same phenomenon that has resulted in the creation of Himalayas.

Visits to the area offer an experience of the true diversity that Bangladesh possesses both naturally and culturally. 


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