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Visa Application Requirements and Formalities to visit Bangladesh

Visa requirements for Bangladesh

All foreigners would like to visit Bangladesh require a visa. Tourist visas are the easiest to obtain. Depending on the office you're dealing with, they can be issued for periods of up to two months (Australians can get six months), and whatever the length of your stay it is suggested that you apply for the maximum amount of time permitted, or at least specify a date. Most consular offices will request a letter of invitation along with the visa; this could be a letter from the Tour Operator or the contact that you may be visiting. Tourist visas can be extended for up to 30 days. Landing permits and transit visas are non-expendable.

Business visa can be issued for periods up to six months, and require a letter introducing your company along with a letter from your proposed business partner stating the purpose of your visit.

In case of long-term visa ISSUES Employment and NGO visas employer in Bangladesh should help you with obtaining the necessary paperwork.

Visa fees vary from nationality to nationality as Bangladesh practices a reciprocal fee system. Bangladesh visa fees are same for both the Bangladeshi and foreign nationals. You can check the ‘Visa Policy' described all the requirements for each visa.

If you obtain a visa that expires during your stay, you have to begin the process for visa extension as soon as you are settled in Bangladesh. Security clearances and work permits are required for most visa extensions. If your visa expires, you will have to pay a fine, a rate variable depending on your work and host organization. You will also require an exit visa to leave Bangladesh.

No visa Required in Bangladesh
Visas are required for nationals of all countries except- Bhutan, Barbados, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Cyprus, Fiji, Western Samoa, Tonga, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Seychelles, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Jamaica, Mauritius, Malawi, Maldives, Singapore, Switzerland, St. Kitts and Nevis, Ghana and Gabon.

'No visa required' means that no visa is required for stay in Bangladesh up to 90 days only. For further extension of stay permission is required. European, North American and Australian passport holders of Bangladesh origin do not required visa provided they pay US $ 50.00 or equivalent and have their passports stamped "No visa required for travel to Bangladesh" by Bangladesh Missions abroad.

Valid passport is required for nationals of all countries for a visit to Bangladesh. However, passports are not required for the holders of identity certificate, liaises passers issued by United Nations and its affiliated bodies and continuous Discharge certificate/Nollie's/ Seaman Book (Traveling on duty to join or repatriate from ship) issued by any country recognized by Bangladesh.

Bangladeshi nationals holding dual citizens need not have a visa provided their passport is stamped with "No Visa Required".

Visit visa information of Bangladesh
The Immigration Authority may issue landing Permit (LP) or Visa-on-Arrival (VOA) to the following category of visitors-

1. Tourist and business travellers who do not have a mission for Bangladesh in their country of origin can obtain a Visa-on-Arrival (VOA) valid for seven to 15 days on arrival. Business travellers require a letter of invitation from company based in Bangladesh, containing their Tax Identification Number and attestation from Chamber of Commerce or Bangladeshi government ministries with corresponding passport name and passport number and holding return air tickets and sufficient funds for stay and all documents for next destination. this however will not be applicable to residents and nationals of those countries against which the government has imposed sanction or embargo.

2. Foreign investors with proper documents or documents certified by the officials of the Board of Investments (BOI) or Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority (BEPZA) or Ministry of Industry presented at the Airport on the arrival.

3. Foreign delegates invited by Ministries or Division of the Government of Bangladesh to seminars, workshops, or International conventions for only the tenure of the stated event provided written request along with testifying documents satisfies the Immigration Authority.

4. Foreigners directly involve in export oriented establishments with documents & TIN (Tax Identification Number) of the concerned export oriented establishment certified by Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI) or Bangladesh Garment Manufactures and Exporters Association (BGMEA) or other association of export oriented institutions of Bangladesh;

5. Foreign passport holders of Bangladeshi origin by birth, there children or spouse;

6. Foreign husband/wife of a Bangladesh national;

7. Foreigners with certified documents issued by Tablig Committee, Kakrail Mosque, Dhaka for the purpose of Tablig Jamat.

8. Doctors/Medical team with invitation letter issued by foreign embassies in Bangladesh, United Nations and/or its affiliate organizations for the purpose of emergency treatment and medical care of its officers or employees.

In all cases of LP or VOA the following procedures or conditions must be observed:

a. Arriving foreigners must have a return ticket and at least US $500.00 endorsed in their passport.

b. Entry-Exit of persons issued with LP/VOA must be through the same airport.

c. LP/VOA may be issued for a maximum period of 30 (thirty) days.
Unless otherwise stated and will not be extended under any circumstances (nor extend able).

Note: Since regulations may change at short notice, check details with the Embassy or High Commission.

Restricted entry: The government of Bangladesh refuses admission and transit to nationals of Israel.

How to apply for a visa to Bangladesh
Consular section at the- Bangladesh embassy/high commission

Time required for Bangladeshi Visa Processing:
Visas are usually processed in 4 working days. At least seven days should be allowed for some postal applications - it can vary from country to country. Rush and Emergency service may be available for additional fees.

Flying to Bangladesh
Flights to Bangladesh are serviced by the national airline is Biman Bangladesh Airlines (BG) Beside national airline a number of international airline operate flight in Bangladesh.

Departure tax: BDT 800-2,500 depending on destination, included in the price of the air ticket.

Travel by Rail or Bus
A direct, twice-weekly Kolkata to Dhaka service was reintroduced in 2008 – the distance covered is 538 km and the service is called Maitree (Friendship) Express, it is run by both the Indian and Bangladeshi railways. Besides, a number of Luxurious Bus runs between the countries.
For other non-direct rail connections, cycle-rickshaw, bus or porter services provide the cross-border connections.

Getting to Bangladesh by BoatThere are two seaports in Bangladesh named Chittagong sea port and Mongla sea port. Currently, there are no international passenger routes to and from Bangladesh.

International Airports in Bangladesh
Dhaka (Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport)Airport Code: DAC. Location: The airport is 20km north of the city (journey time - 45 minutes). Website: N/A. Public transport description: Biman Bangladesh coaches run regularly in both directions. Taxis and Parjatan coaches are also available. Contact number: The airport immigration telephone number is +880-2-8914226.

Chittagong (Shah Amanat International Airport)Airport Code: CGP. Location: Website: N/A. Public transport description: N/A

Syhlet (Osmani International Airport).Airport Code: ZYL. Location: Website: N/A. Public transport description: N/A

List of Taxable Baggage Items:
a) Imported goods, other than personal and household items are taxable.

b) Each person is allowed two suitcases not exceeding 65 kg total as personal and household luggage. However, if the 3rd suitcase is of Magazines which are used for education purpose are not taxable.

c) Imported items which are used for commercial purposes are taxable.

d) Bangladesh citizens are not allowed to import Alcohol/Alcoholic beverages.

Duty & Tax free goods:
1. Cassette Player/Two-in-one
2. Disk man/Walkman (Audio) 
3. Portable Audio CD player
4. Desktop / Laptop Computer (with Printer & UPS)
5. Video and Still Camera
6. Still Camera
7. General/Push button/Cordless telephone Set
8. General/Electric Oven
9. Rice Cooker /Pressure Cooker
10. Blender/Juicer/Coffee Maker
11. General and Electric Type writer
12. Sewing Machine (manual)
13. Table/Pedestal Fan
14. Sports materials (for personal use) 
15. 200 gms Gold/ silver ornaments (Maximum 12 pieces of each item)
16. One Cartoon Cigarette (200 sticks) etc.


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