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Meghla Tourism Complex and Hanging Bridge, Bandarban

Meghla Tourism Complex and Hanging Bridge, Bandarban

Meghla tourism complex is located just opposite of the district council, 4 km away from the Bandarban city aside the road to Keranirhat maintained by district administration. Meghla Parjatan Complex is one of the most amazing and highly visited tourist destinations in Bandarban; visitors come not only from Bangladesh but also from all over the world. There are a mini safari park, zoo, Children Park, hanging bridge, cable car and an artificial Lake at the down of the hills where you may enjoy paddle boat.

Meghla Parjatan Complex, Bandarban

There are two attractive hanging bridges at Meghla Eco Park, Bandarban. When you cross the hanging bridge of Meghla tourism complex, you will obviously feel the illusive beauty of hilly nature. You can also enjoy the wild flavored landscape of entire area by riding on a cable car. A lot of tourists make their destination to Meghla every year to celebrate their vacations. Entrance Fee in Meghla Tourism Complex is Tk 30/head. The complex is also a popular place for picnic party. To revive yourself, you must visit Meghla at least once, when you visit Bandarban.

How to Go Meghla

Meghla Tourism Complex is just 4 km away from Bandarban City. Visitors can hire a private Jeep (Chander Gari) or auto rickshaw to go to Meghla. Local buses (Bandarban to Keranirghat rout) are also available to go there.

Food and Accommodation in Meghla

There is a beautiful rest house having 4 rooms to pass your leisure in Meghla Tourism Complex maintained by Bandarban district administration. No food and drinks from outside are allowed in Meghla Parjatan Complex but you can take lunch packet only if you stay whole day there. To book a room in the rest house, you may officially contact to 0361-62506, 01714230354. Hire of each room is Tk 2000/day. There are two restaurants named “Holiday Inn resort” and “Parjatan Motel” outside the Meghla Tourism Complex. Accommodation facilities are also available there.


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