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Bijoy, the Highest Peak of Bangladesh, Tajingdong Bandarban

Bijoy, the highest peak of Bangladesh, Tajingdong Bandarban

Bijoy is the highest peak of Tajindong about 4500 feet high from the sea level. Bijoy is claimed the highest peak of Bangladesh located at Ramakri, pangsha union under Ruma upazilla, about 70 km away from Bandarban town of Bangladesh. Locally it is called “Tajing” (means Great and Dong means Hill). So Tajingdong means Great Hill.

Tajingdong, Bijoy peak, Bangladesh

A number of tourist visits Tajingdong every year to enjoy the experience of adventure, thrill and surprise. It is a place of amazing beauty. The landscapes of this area certainly soothe both eyes and mind of the adventurous travelers. You will pleased with the dazzling beauty of green hill, zigzag wild pathway, hilly landscape of road side, hide and seek of the fold of clouds on the top of the area. The sceneries of gentle breeze, lovely clouds, hills, waterfall, river and Lake and so on must be one of the unique and amazing memories in your life.

Various tribal communities are developed there around the mountain. You must be amazed visiting their raw expression and natural life styles. There are a number of mountain chains in the remote area and the area is rich in wild flora and fauna.

How to go to Tajingdong

For visiting Tajingdong you have to use Bandarban- Ruma- Bogalake- Tajingdong route. From Bandarban town you have to go to Ruma bazaar about 50 kilometers away from Bandarban. You should remember that after 4 pm you are not allowed to leave Ruma for visiting Bogalake, Keokradong or Tajingdong. As it is a remote area and the road is not so smooth. From Ruma you can hire a Chander Gari (public jeep) up to Koikhong Jhiri. It may be cost about tk 2000-2500. You can also go there by local Chander Gari. You may also hire a boat from Ruma Bazar to Koikhong Jhiri. Then you have to walk to the Boga Lake and finally to Tajingdong. Winter is the high time to hike Tajingdong. You should never think to hike Tajingdong in rainy season.

Foods and Accommodation

There is no good communication, no restaurant and no formal accommodation. From my own experience, it is better to stay in tribal village in Boga Lake at night to start journey to Tajindong. In the next day, you should better to start your journey early in the morning from Boga Lake to reach Tajingdong. It may take approx 7 to 8 hours to reach Tajingdong depending on the weather, guide, your stamina and other various factors. It is better to take local guide with you from Ruma.

Consciousness and Precautions before trekking to Bijoy, Tajingdong
  • You have to mentally and physically prepare for a tough and rough journey in such long way. 
  • Be careful about using local water.
  • Bandarban is a malaria affected zone. So you should carry mosquito resistant kits.
  • You should carry some dry foods, water purifying kits and first aid box with particular medicine.  
  • You should carry water resistant bag and should avoid heavy loads of baggage.
  • Be friendly with the local inhabitants.
  • Be careful and seek permission from the ethnic people before taking photographs.
  • There is no mobile network, no good road communication.
  • Try to avoid unknown persons and strangers on the way.
  • It is better to start the journey in a group.
  •  All non-Bangladeshis are required to contact and register his particulars in the local police station


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