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Golden Temple (Buddhist Dhatu Jadi) Bandarban

Golden Temple (Buddhist Dhatu Jadi) Bandarban

Buddhist dhatu jadi is called as the largest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh, located in Purpara on the top of a high hill (about 200 feet high), just 4 km away from Bandarban city aside the Bandarban-Rangamati roadway. Buddhist Dhatu Jadi is popularly known as Golden Temple of Bandarban among the tourists. It is one excellent place for a family tour and has great tourism value.  The golden temple is built at the top of 60 meter hill, completely followed the architect of South-East Asian region and It is the second largest  Buddhist temple in Bangladesh. The constriction of the golden temple was started in 1995 and completed in 2000. 

Golden Temple Bandarban

The attractive design of Buddhist heritage and tradition with the modern archeological technique and golden touch of the site make very amazing to the visitors. There is a museum aside the golden temple. The tourists may learn about the historical background of Buddhist religion from here. There is a pond on the top of the high hill and it is called the pond of God.

Golden Temple

You can observe a complete glance of Bandarban town standing in the golden temple. You may also see Sangu River, Bandarban Radio Station and the surrounding wild landscape standing at the Golden Temple. A number of festivals are arranged here in every year.

How to Go Golden Temple

When Golden temple is very near of Bandarban town, you may go there by Auto rickshaw, Chander Gari (Public Jeep), car etc. It may take about 30 minutes to go. 

Foods and accommodation in Golden Temple

There is neither good hotel to stay nor good foods facility to take. From my own experience, it is better to stay in Bandarban Town and take dry foods to start journey to Golden temple in the morning.


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