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Top Tourist Destinations in Bandarban, Bangladesh

 Top Tourist Destinations in Bandarban, Bangladesh

At present, Bandarban is one of the top tourist destinations in Bangladesh, located is Chittagong Hill Tract, south-east part of Bangladesh mostly covered with extensive forest and amazing wild hilly geography.

Bandarban is an ideal place for tracking, hiking, and jungle walk for adventure loving traveler. The highest peak of Bangladesh, Bijoy of Tajingdong (4500 feet) located in Bandarban an exciting tracking route. Beside Tajingdong, Keokradong (4000 feet) is also located in Bandarban which is also a popular mountain for tracking. Boga Lake which is claimed as the highest Lake in Bangladesh lies directly on the track. You may visit Faipi, Rijuk and Patang Jhiri waterfall just the way to Bandarban - Ruma- Koikhong Jhiri - Boga Lake – Tajingdong route. You must be amazed observing the illusive landscape and crystal clear water of Boga Lake. You have to stay nearby Boga Lake at tribal village at night to track to the above mountains. It will be a great chance for you to know the indigenous hill tribe, their raw expression, culture and heritage living at the tribal villages. But traveling in the above route is really a rough and tough Journey. You should start your journey in group and avoid family tour in the route. You may visit Baklai Waterfall of Baklai para, Thanchi which is claimed the top highest waterfall (380 feet height) in Bangladesh.

For family tour, you prospect a smooth and hazard free journey. In this sense, you may prefer Nilgiri Resort which is situated at Thanci Upazilla, just 47 kilometer south-east from Bandarban town, about 2200 feet above the sea level and.  I think it will be one of your great memories in your life if you have a chance to stay a moon light night in Nilgiri. You may also visit Nilachal tourist spot which is just 5 km away from Bandarban town. Nilachal is one of the nearest and most beautiful tourist place in Bandarban located at Tigerpara. Locally it is known as Tiger Hill. Someone call it Swarga Puri (place of haven) due to its illusive and wild unexpressed landscape. Golden Temple (Buddhist Dhatu Jadi) is one of the most visited tourist destination in Bandarban for a day journey. It is called as the largest Buddhist temple in Bangladesh, located in Purpara on the top of a high hill (about 200 feet high), just 4 km away from Bandarban city aside the Bandarban-Rangamati roadway. The Shoilo Propat waterfall located at Milanchori, 4 km from the Bandarban town, is also an excellent refreshing site maintained by Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. Chimbuk hill is one of the top tourist destinations in Bandarban, just 26 kilometer away from Bandarban town under Thanci upazilla. It is called the Darjeeling of Bangal. Someone think, it is more than Darjeeling! Meghla tourism complex and Hanging Bridge is located just opposite the district council, 4 km away from the Bandarban city aside the road to Keranirhat maintained by district administration. Meghla Parjatan Complex is one of the most amazing and highly visited tourist destinations in Bandarban. Cruise on Sangu River may be the complete summary of the natural beauty of Bandarban. Upabon Parjatan is another beautiful tourist spot in Bandarban at Naikhong Chari. It is a wonderful gift of nature with an amazing lake surrounded by forest. A lot of birds are chirping here and you will surely be amazed looking at the big rocks and surrounding natural scene of the lake. Upabon Parjatan complex is just 2 Kilometer away from Nikhongchori Upazilla sadar. Prantik Lake is another beautiful tourist spot in Bandarban. This amazing place will certainly soothe both eyes and mind. Prantik Lake is an ideal place for travel. Nafakhum is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bangladesh and an excellent place to travel. Zingsiam Saitar is one of the wonderful waterfalls at Ruma Para at Ruma upazilla in Bandarban. The unique feature of Zingsiam Saitar is when the water of Zingsiam Saitar fall down, it divides in three different paths and then the view of this waterfall looking excellent.

It is not the end. The indigenous hill tribes lives scattered over the hills in Bandarban are one of the attractions to all visitors and also a good place for study tour and thesis. There are about 14 different tribes live in Bandarban. Among them Mogh, Murong Chakma, Khumi, Tipra, Bawm, Tanchongya, Khyang are remarkable. The rich flora and fauna, picturesque bamboo cottages of tribal families and their life style have made the entire area an attractive tourist destination in Bandarban, Bangladesh.


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