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Sundarban, the World Largest Mangrove Forest Tourism

Sundarban, the World Largest Mangrove Forest Tourism

Sundarban -The largest mangrove forest in the world situated mostly in Bangladesh. A small portion of it lies in India. The Indian part of the forest is estimated to be about 19% while the Bangladesh part is 81%. It is in the south west part of Bangladesh and the area is about 5725 square kilometers.

tourism photo of Sundarbans

The word Sundarban means the Beautiful Jungle or Forest and it may be come from the Sundari Trees, that grown in Sundarban at a large in number. Beside the dazzling expands of green, the blue heaven overhead meeting the horizon and the illusive coastal beach, one can turned into an indescribable dreamy arena. It is not the end, there is the own lifestyle of the fishermen and other forest dwellers. The forest dwellers gradually developed a culture of their own, having an isolated life from the main stream. Professionals like fishing, honey collection etc. are unique of the area. Gathering wild honey in the wildness is among the oldest professions practiced by the dwellers of the area and still practiced in the traditional ways. Honey hunters' community lives along the borderline of the western forests are mostly destitute day laborer. Sundarban is a variegated playground of human civilization with its large forests, various creation, tradition, culture and history.

Flora and Fauna of Sundarban

You could catch yourself a fun ride by a small boat, if you are interested to having more adventure. The mystery of the forest shattered often by the chirping birds, deer and monkeys that are the common fauna of the giant mangrove land.

Just staying there in a moonlit night can make you have the fascinating experience of being reborn. But it is difficult to travel in the dense of the forest, A well equipped vessel is needed to be able to swan around in this barren land ran through by rivers and rivulets. Better if you have a skilled tour operator who can guide you through the splendor of the Sundarbans.

Cruise in sundarban

The national animal of Bangladesh “The Royal Bengal Tiger” (Panthera tigris), a rare species in the globe, is available here. According to wild fund, the forest contains 400 tigers and 0.20 million spotted deer, about 120 species of Fishes and more than 370 species of Birds, minimum 50 species of reptiles. The Sundarban now supports the only Estuarine or salty water Crocodile in Bangladesh. Besides, the Sundarban contains a large number of biodiversity including a number of rare species. There are three wildlife sanctuary areas named- 'Kotka-Kachikhali Tiger Point', 'Hiron-Point' and 'Manderbaria'. The Sundarban has been declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1999.

Tiger in Sundarban

In the forest, Hundreds of canals pass through this mysterious jungle like a web. During high tide it is possible for the tourists to travel inside the deep of the forest. The exciting scenery of tiger swimming across the river at night could be im-memorable for any tourist of the world.

Picture of Sundarban, Bangladesh

Since the present, different number of tourist spots are discovered, shortly described in the following- 

Hiron Point is commonly known as ‘Nilkamal’. It is 80 km away from the Mongla port.  It is famous for Sunrise and Sunset watching.  You can avail guest house facilities of Mongla port and Forest department here.

Katka - is in the south of the east sanctuary  and south east corner of Shronkhola forest range and  100  km. away  from Mongla sea port. There is a rest house at kotka. There is a wooden watching tower at Jamtala from where you can enjoy the scenic beauty of Sunderban like herd of deer, monkeys, and swine. Varieties symphony of birds and other wild fowls are available in Katka.  If you are lucky enough you may also met royal Bengal tiger here.  Radio communication is available here in the forest station.  Katka is one of the heritage sites in Sunderban.

Kachikhali - is an isolated sea beach in a deep forest of Sundarban adjacent to the Kotka tiger point . You can find pond, open green field, deer, monkey, snakes and other reptiles and varieties of birds here. There is a tourist rest house and forest office here.

Dublar Char (Island) - Famous for fishermen. It is a beautiful island where hundreds of spotted deer, monkeys and swine are often seen to grazing. It is s an island (char) raised from the Bay of Bengal which is situated at the end of the southern part of east sanctuary, 25 km south west of the Kotka tiger point and 35 km in the south east of Nilkamal on the estuary of the river. In the eve of Rash Purnima (full moon) festival of the Hindu community, huge number of tourists visits the spot. People of Hindu community take bath in the sea on the occasion. The area is covered with wide green field, Sea Lake etc. Here you can   observe the technique of dry fish processing. ‘Mowali’ (local name of the honey collectors) take shelter here during the season of honey collection. There is also a cyclone shelter and a forest station in Dublarchar.

Tin Kona Island - Famous for a number tiger and deer.

Hive of Bees in Sundarban

For the research related person of Flora and Fauna, the lover of nature, the poet and the painter, even if you are not a lover of nature, this land provides a variety of wonder and the mystery of the forest will call you again and again. Its beauty lies in its unique natural surrounding. Thousands of meandering streams, creeks, rivers and estuaries have enhanced its charm.  It changes its beauties with tidal surge. If you visit the forest once, you will realize why you should be there at least once in a life.

Picture of Sundarban

It is must to take permission from the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), Khulna to visit the forest from Bangladesh part. It may be a wise decision to take the help of an experienced guide to explore the mysteries forest. For permission and guide support one may contact with the Bangladesh Tourism Board.


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