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Chittagong District Information

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Chittagong District, Bangladesh

The region is located in the south- eastern part of Bangladesh. Chittagong had been a sea port since the ancient time. Traders from different countries including Arab had business transactions with this port since 9Th century. Sultan Fakruddin Mubarak Shah of Sonargaon conquered Chittagong in 1340. After the defeat of Sultan Giasuddin Mahmud Shah by Sher Shah in 1538 AD, the Arakanise again captured Chittagong. The region was under the kingdom of Arakan during sixth and seventh centuries. During 17Th century the region faced many attacks of Portuguese pirates. Before the Muslim conquered, Chittagong had been either under the control of the Arakans or under the kings of Burma. The Mughal Commander Bujurg Umed Khan expelled the Portuguese pirates from the region and eastablished Chittagong district in 1666 and named Islamabad. Next the region was named Chattla and Chandgaon. The Chittagong Hill- Tracts were separated from Chittagong in 1860. Cox’s Bazar was separated from Chittagong district in 1984 after the liberation of Bangladesh.

Bordered By: Chittagong District is bordered by Feni district and Tripura (Indian State) to the north, Cox’s Bazar district to the south, Rangamati, Bandarban and Khagrachari districts to the east, Noakhali district and the Bay of Bengal to the west.

Administration: The area of Chittagong is 5282.92 Sq Km. It is a divisional Headquarter also. There is a city corporation; 10 Municipalities in Chittagong named Chandanaish, Banskhali, Baroiarhat, Sandwip, Mirsharai, Rangunia, Satkania, Raozan, Patya and Shitakunda. The number of Upazilla (sub district) in Chittagong district is 14, named- Mirsarai, Shitakunda, Raujan, Sandwip, Rangunia, Fatikchari, Hatahazari, Patya, Anowara, Chandanaish, Boalkhali, Bashkhli, Lohagora and Satkania containing 194 Unions, 890 Mauzas and 1267 Villages outside of metro area. 

Population: The total population of Chittagong district is 76,16,352 (Male- 38,38,854 and Female- 37,77,498), Sex ratio 102:100, Population Density 1442/Sq Km and annual growth rate is 1.40%.

Literacy: The Literacy Rate of Chittagong district is 58.90% (Male- 61.10% and Female- 56.70%). School attendance rate is 52.30% for 5 to 24 years age group.

Other Important Data: The postal code of Chittagong district is 4000 and NWD Code is 031. Total Parliament seat in Chittagong is 16. During the liberation war, Chittagong was under Sector Number 01. Urbanization rate of the district is 41.39%, average rainfall is 3378 mm average moisture is 83%.

Remarkable Personalities from Chittagong District

Masterda Surjasen, Priti Lota Owadder, Abdul Karim Sahittobisharod, Principal Abul Quashem (Educationist), Koreshi Magon  Thagure, Mohakobi Alaol, Kalpana Datta, Sayad Owali Ullah (Novelist), Binodbihari Chowdhury, Jahur Ahmad Chowdhury, M A Hannan, M A Aziz, Subrder Rajab Ali (Hero of Shipahi Revoloution), Kajem Ali Master, Comorad Mozaffor Ahmad, Jatindra Mohon Sen, Martyred Nirmol Sen, Amibca Chattargy, Gonesh Ghosh, Abdul Hoque Dovas, Rafiq Uddin Shiddique, Brozen Sen, Sharat Kanungo, Kalipod Chattargy, Prof. Pulin Day, Amor Sen, Comored Abdus Satter, A K Khan, Chowdhury Harunur Rashid, Captain Abul Quashem, Shirajul Hoque Mia, Khanbahadur, Natun Chandra Shingha, Probal Chowdhury, Sujat Roy, Ayub Bacchu, Nakib Khan, Roby Chowdhury, Partha Barua Dr Keshob Sen, Dr Harihar Datta, Jotirmoye Chowdhury, Kabial Romesh Shil, Shah Muhammad Sagir (Poet)  etc.

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Famous Tourist Places in Chittagong District

Fays Lake, Potenga Sea Beach, Chittagong Zoo, Chittagong University, Graveyard of Bayajid Bostami, Graveyard of Shah Amanat, War Cemetery, Zia Memorial Museum, Asian Women University, Fauzdarhat Cadet College, Mahuri Project, Batali Hill, Chandranath Hill of Shitakunda, Hot Water Fall, Bashkhali Eco Park, Parky Sea Beach in Anowara, Bangladesh Military Academy, Marine Academy etc.


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